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Create your NFT on the first Military Metaverse

Wars kill people, but
no one dies in Military Metaverse

What is Military Metaverse?


What if you could place your own troops, historic tanks from WW I and WW II? What if you could set up your own jets and submarines around the world. Anywhere you liked. Metaverse will let you enjoy this crazy imagination to become virtual reality. No one dies at the end of day. We give FREE MIL to anyone who has served their country. With MIL, they can purchase lands and military equipments in Military Metaverse.


Own, Trade, and Earn

Rock Climbing
Image by jan abellan


NFT on blockchain in 2021 completely revolutionized the Fine Arts industry. Digital assets have become legitimate entities among the millions of millennials and worth as much if not more.


Developed by a down to earth programmer in Australia, Earth2 has changed the way we view virtual real estate forever.

Image by Peter Pryharski
Image by Joel Rivera-Camacho

Only the Limited number of troops, tanks, airplanes, battleships, nuclear missiles exist today.

Exact number of weapons and troops can be bought and sold in military metaverse. You are free to own any lands and any military equipments. Just imagine what you can do.

Image by Suzy Brooks


You are free to own any lands and any miltary equipments. Just imagine what you can do.

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