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Military Token: MIL

To get the economy going, you need currency. For your life on Military Metaverse, you'll need MIL tokens.

Image by Mathieu Stern

How do I earn money?

Military NFT Holders can earn income from every Military Metaverse transaction. Owners have an incentive to keep their NFTs to reap the rewards just for simply holding the land.

Image by Giorgio Trovato

Gamification and Simulation

Leverage Gamification and simulation

Image by fabio

Why do I need MIL?

MIL tokens will play a key role in the metaverse's transaction processes. Everything on Military Metaverse could be bought, leased or sold with MIL. Each time users perform a transaction, the MIL NFT holders will earn a yield.

Image by Gautier Pfeiffer

Future of NFT & Metaverse

NFT is gaining momentum and growth is accelerating. Last 6 months sales volume surged to $2.5 billion in 2021 first half.

Image by Arstin Chen

Virtual War on Strategy

Enable humanity to explore Military Metaverse! virtually by creating Earth Metaverse and wars

Image by Museums Victoria
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