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military nfts

Miliverse is a Metaverse in geographically exact 2D & 3D Virtual Earth, created with data from Google. It has the MIL (Military) token & the Revenue Generating NFTs, which leverages property rights and incentivises holding & spending tokens on in-world assets and resources.

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How do I profit from NFTs?

Just mint an NFT and hold on to it. Simply owning an NFT will generate passive income in MIL. Military Metaverse NFT owners will need to buy land and place military equipment.


Play to Earn

Together with TOP game studios we plan to launch the Military Metaverse P2E game 2022. Play to Earn strategy will be involving International Community. For NFT pricing we use Scarcity principle: NFT price increases when available NFT decreases.

Image by S&B Vonlanthen
Image by Jp Valery


NFT Economy

Explore a virtual Earth, own and customize your land and military property and even reap the rewards of the world's first revenue-generating NFT! Enter the new digital economy, mine for resources, trade with neighbours and customise your Military Earth using MIL.


Launch Date

NFT sale started only in December, 2021. NFTs will be also used in P2E game.

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