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military metaverse

Miliverse is proud to be the first Military Metaverse in the world. Founded in US, Miliverse is different other metaverse platforms that only deal with virtual land or real estates. What differentiates Miliverse from others is that it not only provides digital land, but also digital weapons and digital heroes like Napoleon, Alexander the Great, and Genghis Khan.


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Visiting Amazon, Seattle US

From November to December in 2021, Miliverse team visited Seattle, Silicon Valley, Portland, Las Vegas, and Arizona. Had a meeting with an executive at Microsoft and visited Amazon for future collaborations.


Exhibition every week

From January, 2022, Miliverse has exhibited every week at COEX, Seoul, Korea to promote their metaverse platform, giving out 1 FREE tile for every visitor.


Miliverse will launch in May-June.

People can buy and sell each tile and deploy their weapons which also can be bought and traded. P2E is an essential part of evolution for every game for the future. We happily embrace this new revolution. At the end, we will allow everyone in Miliverse to start and engage in virtual warfares where no one dies; however, they can digitally experience military strategies and tactics.


Miliverse is for global audience.

We target everyone in the world except any terrorist organizations or anti-US countries, because Miliverse is an American company. We do not promote Wars. We promote virtual wars where no one really can get hurt. We respect everyone who has fought in history to protect their nation and country people. War has been a history for all the humanity after all.



FREE land for these people

Miliverse gives FREE land for all the military soldiers, police, fire fighters, nurses, doctors, pharmacists, and the disabled. Once they prove who they are, they will receive 1 tile per month of their services.


People's reactions

As you can see, Korean people have loved this opportunity to get a FREE land in Miliverse platform. Within 1 month, we have acquired 10,000 users. By the end of this year, we plan to accumulate 3 million users globally.

We welcome Collaborations

We are looking for a productive partnership and fruitful collaborations.

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